Tuesday, January 22, 2008

That Girl

Hey, i think u all might be wondering who is that girl??..erm..maybe u all think is her..but actually not la.

let me describe her 1st..she a beautiful and mature girl..she is like an angel..lol..she has a long hair and which is not white in colour la..and a pair of small eyes which compare to her sister..
LOL..let me intro how i meet her..

i met her last two years i think..err..i think should be september or oct..when the yas commitee told us to do something or whatever stuff la for the cheq up 06..cant even remeber that..and my friend wei kwong..make us as a drama team..from there we make new friends..and learnt many stuff and got to know each other..
at the beginning i thought that she is a quiet person..after sometimes i know she is not a quiet person..she quite funny..usually do something that people didn't do..haha..wow..!!..i think i can consider her quite young la..
of couse is older than me la..

okay..let us go in to the memory..
whoever involve in wei kwong's drama sure know the song 'at the cross' with some feeling right?..the team only got a few people nia..those people might have a good memory with her..she is like a big sister to us..except to her sis la..and erm..i don't think i remember that drama..okay 2007 im glad that she celebrate my bithday with me..haha..and it was very 'gamtong'..and very shy with the words on top of the cake..
and all the long story in 2007 to me..is too hard to write in out..
and she also involve in the christmas drama..one of the dancer in the drama..to me la she dance like an angel..haha.but the problem is the clothes were not white in colour..haha..
what a nonsense..
and when she want to go toilet..she will ask whoever is beside her no matter that person is a male or a female whether they want to go toilet or not..mostly is male i think..damn funny la her..
and we went to hike..it was the first time we went up together with melvin..haha..she like very tired..sweat lo her..actually melvin and i want to go for the long way which is long but not that tired..
who know that she want to go for the shortcut..at the end the shortcut became long way and three of us tired until want to fainted..lol..three of us went until the third level and take some funny pictures and nice pictures..ooya..by the way we had also done a mission which release the rat out of the barrel..she scare until climb up to the table..

2nd time went with a big group..we seperate to two groups..she ko ka tired couse she use shortcut again..haha..after the hike we went to melvin's house and do a blog for her..she really funny..can't think of one address..she think until erm..quite long about one hour..
at the end got the address..

5.1.2008 Saturday, 7.30pm at hunza complex..
she and some of my friends were waiting for me actually to give me a supprise..who know i miss it..
my heart fell very 'gamtong' but feel sorry to them..and don't know what to do..
really very sorry..
i thank God that let them know what to buy for me..haha..my present let me feel super duper sorry to them..which is what i pray for..a thousand sorry to them also useless because it is already over..what shall i do?..haiz..she is going to leave us soon..hope that she go there just to see the place there and hope that she can come back during my school holidays which is for chinese new year =)

i think i shall stop..im a chinese educate and maybe to my reader..they won't understand and thought that im crapping everywhere..so sorry about that..i cant think of any ideas in english to write..
this post might be not very 'gamtong'..due to the words above and the language..
and pray that God may Bless her in her future..guid her in everything..
anyway..she will always be in my heart forever and ever deep in my heart..
what a good memory we had in the past..thanks to be my best friends and my sister too..=)
William Shakespeare said : "To be or not to be that is a question".

enjoy all the pictures..~~~~

Wednesday, January 9, 2008


woww~~~...tis year i got a veri special present for my bufday..
which is frm Melvin (Funny Cat), Michelle (Sis), Melissa (Baby Face), Renee, Felicia, Edward (Momo), Alarize, James (Chia Ming), Daniel (Boss), Wei Kwong (Orang Asli)..

haha..i lk it veri much..veri gamtong..1st time receive tis kind of present..cz i pray 4 tis present since last year le..one is drum stick and another wan is errr..i dunno wad do we call tat..but sis cal it a leather..haha..anyway..
quite yeng u noe?!..it's design lk two bat's wings join together wan..LOL..
kinda yeng !!..haha..if got chance i wear it..to church or anywhere la..show off..nah..jz kidin=)

LOL..now type til i dunno wad m i talkin bout..siao liao..haha..
actually wad present oso nvm wan la..the most important wan is bout wu xin or not..i dun mind if it is a tissue paper or anyhting else..=)
i think shud b veri expensive la..if 4 one ppl..
reali veri gamtong..ok..now explain y i gamtong.. 1st God ans my request again..2nd still got ppl remember when is my bufday haha..3rd even my old skolmates oso remember..hallelujah..i feel veri gamtong SUPER GAMTONG!!!..haha..

actually i wan to blog tis when im super free..mana tau..sis wan me to blog rite now..
haiz..muz giv face la..i wonder who's idea is tat..haha..if i noe i sure chai him or her makan..!!..

now the prob is i dun hav d pics right now wait til i upload again..so tat means tis post wil b delete and edit again..
so tis is juz a intro la..
haiz..im sure tat u dunno wad m i talkin bout haha..!!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

To My Sis..

Hey sis..
sry la..
u sounds lk veri sad and veri hurtin lk tat..
sry lo..
but u oso let me kena d wad..rite??
tat wan ko ka hurt but nvm la..i feel veri funny..haha
and don do tat again ok??
but if u do i oso cant do anything wan la..

Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Hey, finally my sis which ppl cal her aunty open a blogspot d..
woww!!..u all wanna c her face??..wait ya i show u..
i wonder y she dun wan to put laozhabor.blogspot.com..
suite her rite?
haha..our aunty fan..
sis mia blogspot.. http://aki-fan.blogspot.com/

Hiking !!!