Friday, February 22, 2008

Aaron's life

i was born in 1993 jan 5, my parents decided to give me a name, Aaron Khoo..but then my grandpa (which is my father's father) wanted my parents to follow the Khoo family's law..every new born baby in Khoo family have to my cousin all their THIRD word in their name were the same as mine..SIN..chinese we read as CHEN..and i was the first male baby to my grandpa..the thing that very sad was, after few months or not more than 2 years i grandpa had past away..he saw my face but i don't see his face before not even his photo..haha..and he is not a christian too..and in other family (mum side)..i was the 4th male and the 7th grandchildren in mum side's i'm to be born in this family althought i had a lot of things to complain..xD..

after i had been born, the first thing i learnt was how to walk, run, jump, etc..ya the first language i learnt was english, but i only spoke 2 years after that my parents sent me to chinese school, oo..great, first day i went there i talk to them, they like looking me, don't know what am i talking about, crap after that they talk to me too..haha..stupid i don't know what were they talking about, they said two word in chinese to me, STUPID (in chinese consider as two word)..woww..i went and asked my cousin what is it..and finally i know the meaning..i think that's why my parents wanted me to learn chinese not because i am a chinese..

2000, i started my primary one..haha..that's cool..first day in school..i'm like no friends although there were many children..felt so lonely in the class and in the school as well..
suddenly i heard a voice came from my left side, lol..the boy sitting beside is playing street fighter with his fingers..what a funny thing..and the class began like a market (some of them cried)..make til me also wanted to cry..but thank God i didn't..xP

2001, the 2nd year in the school..actually nothing special..just that something very funny..
one day, teacher gave us malay spelling..and the boy beside me, forgot to read..he please to let him see my answer, he scare to take his i did it..i let him see my answer..slowly we became good friend, everytime malay spelling sure i let my friend look at my answer, one day i felt very angry, guess what my spelling got 7/8 and my friend got 8/8..he dare to 'perli' i got angry and wanted to tell teacher..and please manythings but then i also don't care..after that he used money to buy me..celaka..everyday gave me one bucks to keep my first i don't want to take his money..and i just wanted him to get scold by last he force me to keep it everyday, i'm like where got people force people to take his money??!!..and i think twice, guess what i did??..i took his money and i belanja him for tea right?..but sometime i kept the money..xD..

2002, my class form a group called PHOENIX..and we had around 50++ people in it..and we got the ranking which follow our result (exam's result)..everytime my ranking was at 9th and 10th, our result were very near to each other like i 96, they we had to follow the law..=.=..the purpose why we created this group..because we watch too much movie d..wanted to become a gangster..but the funny thing is we only know how to do is gether to a place then have a talk with each other..that's all..that time feel nice but now feel crap..

2003, this year i started to change..the whole class like to play one care about whoever is in front..the time had class became one of the famous class in the class famous in changing year we got 5 form teacher in our class..don't know why last headmaster became our form teacher..haha..and this was the year that i nearly lost my father, due to the diabetes..the doctor told my mum that diabetes got 3 level..A,B,C..and my father was in the 2nd level, B..if 50% to live and another 505 he might pass away..and he can live also 3 months my grandma and mum went to many temple except pray for my father, sad thing is the so called 'god' told my mum that my father have to die, and half of his spirit is in hell' saw my mum crying like a baby..i also felt a bit sad too..and the time has come our GOD sent my aunt to speech about HIM to my mum..after that night my mum let our GOD to have a try..mum told me that if this JESUS can help us..she like believe in HIM and follow HIM til forever and ever..woww..this JESUS really the BEST in my life..he let my family know that HE can make a different..whatever the so called 'god' said and doctor said is false..and now we know that our name is written in the book of life in from that day family accepted JESUS as our GOD..

2004, i'm to been in this class..our form teacher had the same so called 'brain' with us..i tell u..this also became one of the famous in school was due to our dear teacher..make all of us everyday laugh..but he a bit lazy..everything also want us to do..he like to call me to change the water which is in the til i became expert..and one thing very funny is..he like to call my friend to flush't cool enough that teacher??..this is the year i joinned got 6 of colours..white, yellow, green, blue, brown and black..for standard it got 5 colours only, white, yellow, green, brown, and black...some Karate school and styles, the color order is white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, black..i learnt many step in it although i'm just a white belt (beginner)..i had learnt upper, middle, lower punch, snap, front, side,back-kick, uppper, middle, and lower block..this is just the basic..

Weapons of Okinawan Karate (that i know)
Bo - 6 foot wooden staff
Han - Bo Short wooden staff
Kama - Sickles used as a pair
Nunchaku - Wooden sticks joined by a cord or chain
Sai Fork - like metal weapon used as a pair
Tonfa Wooden - short stick with extra handle, used as a pair
Shinai - Bamboo sword
Bokken - Wooden sword

by the way, i'm glad to joinned this karate..and i had some problem in it, which i don't think i need to mention..
i promise more fight after the problem..and other things..and i try not to angry, finally i can control my temper..anything..just don't want to mention it too much..

2005, this is the year that i'm had a lot of friends..i joinned 'SAY PBS' (PUSAT BIMBINGAN SAW)..and i get to know all the friends in school i'm glad that they introduce me to their friends..after few months later i know the whole standard matter in what class..front or back..i felt so happy cause no matter where i go, i still got friend (in primary school) church i got only four friends..and four of us went for the church camp which is in AWANA (resorts in Genting Highlands) that camp, one of my friend make me fell in love to someone..isn't it cool?..four days three night..i had been listen to my friend..all the good of her..all start my eyes..i believe that people said 'if our eyes keep looking at one person, we shall fall in love..unless you have a strong thinking'..see her too much already..go where also can see her..that really fell in love..every step every movement she very attractive to me..especially her sweet it is..she has a big eyes, sweet smile, short nice hair, mature thinking, very gentle and something very funny..i pray that one day i will know her as a friend..and also more friends in church..
that year i had baptism..haha..thank God...UPSR that time..i also need to thank God for the BLESSING..that time i didn't study not even open my books..cause i really don't know what to i don't care..somemore that time still young and don't think about next time yet..
i 2As and 5Bs..really my mum wanted me to study in heng ee althought my aunt can let me study in chung ling..but i felt happy cause i had been sent to westland to study my form 1..this happy is just for awhile and it turn to sad..cause at last heng ee accepted me as their heart had broke into two..who want to have a very short hair??..haiz..after awhile botak to me is very normal..

2006, new school to me..i felt quite funny..all student had the same hair
and i pray that i can have a few old friends same class with me..and same house with me..God heard prayer and had blessed me..that class quite fun..we make til malay teacher hate us..sweat..
i joinned harmonika band..and inside the band got a team called percussion which is play drum and other stuff..and i pray again to prayer request is no need to pass harmonika then straight away join percussion..woww..guess what?..God blessed me again..haha..after that competition in Penang, my band lost at 1st..competition in band won the first place..haha..
cheq up coming soon..and i met wei kwong..he asked me to join his drama team..and our team got boys but no girls..and we need one day..wei kwong, alexander and i went inside the studio..i told when we go in whoever we see, they must join our drama team..(girls..not boys)..after that we went saw michelle, melissa, renee and vivian..
so wei kwong tried his best to asked them to join..he gave them one week time to think about it..and also asked all the boys go back and pray so that they can join our drama week later they joinned our team..and we done everything example dance, songs and etc..before we had been choosen for the cheq up..there were 2 other another two team also quite okay just that the first team like don't know what are they doing..second team, which jimmy and kon way songlead that one..not bad also..our team was the last team to present if i not yet and the 3rd had been choosen for the cheq up..
cheq up that night too much things to say..i scare i can't remember so better not to write..ooya..2006 DEC 09..that days was a good day and a bad day as well..why i said good?..because we had celebrate someone birhtday..i think most of all enjoy it and appreiate it too..bad??..because we don't know got practice and need to let pastor see our all of us get scolded..i remember that moment..some of us was crying..don't know why they cry also..maybe they scare to let their parents know or scare to get scolded by their parents..anyway that's form one..and roN was born in this year...=)..

2007, i think 2007 my classmate is the BEST one..all of them..same like my class became the famous in heng ee again..yea..displine to us like nothing..and cane to us like let ants bit only...some of my classmate already called their parents come to talk with teacher..
haha..espicially our math teacher..what a useless teacher..don't know how to teacher..luckily our class got A for normally we won't listen to teacher and most of us against him..
yeah..we became X-MEN before..orang asli before..we're 2I..

2008, yeah this year..this year..i'm going to sit for my PMR..i have my own target..must pray for me..first week to friends and i nearly become X-MEN again..haha..but this year we hope that teacher no need to record us into file displine..this is what we want..respect us and we shall respect you, teacher!!! the way, prince was born in this year..=)..til this year, i'm glad to have all of you as my friends..althought some of you feel that i'm annoying..and whatever..thanks..


Saturday, February 16, 2008

To my friends..

Hi everione,

frenz : cals ur parents by mr. and mrs.

best frenz: cals ur parents dad and mom.

frenz: has never seen u cry

best frenz : has always had the best shoulder 2 cry on

frenz : never asks 4 anything 2 eat or drink

best frenz : opens the fridge and makes herself at home

frenz : asks u to write down ur number.

best frenz : they ask u 4 their num ( cuz they can't remember it)

frenz : borrows ur stuff 4 a few days then givs it bak

best frenz : has a closet full of ur stuff

frenz : onli knows a few things bout u

best frenz: could write a biography on ur life

frenz : wil leave u behind if that is wad the crowd is doin

best frenz : wil always go wif u

frenz : would delete tis letter

best frenz : wil send tis bak

2 me and all of their online buddies

Friends Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

written wif a pen

sealed wif a kiss

if u r my frenz,

please ans tis:

r we frenz or r we not?

u told me once, but i 4got..

so tel me now and tel me true,

so i can say , i am here 4 you.

of al the frenz i've ever met,

u're the ones i won't 4get..

and if i die before u do,

i'll go to Heaven

and wait 4 u.

show ur friends how much you care bout them.

i had show all my frenz,

now is ur turn to....

i glad to hav all of u 2 b my frenz..

thx God..=)