Friday, January 1, 2010


A new year, a new beginning? It sounds like giving hope to people. I just wish everything will start over again, no hatred, no offended, no argument among friends and family, and the most important is there is always a smile on their face. To be honest, I'm not really enjoy my countdown and party. Too many problems and too many negative side had been show and it doesn't make me feel happy and enjoy it to the max. I just speechless about it. I do not know how am I going to face a new year, and I'm not sure what to do with my new year. Should I change or should I be the same person that everyone knows? Sometimes I think that I'm not belong to my own gang, I just don't know who I really mix with? And many times I just feel lonely when I hang out with my own gang. Seriously am I too good to my friends? They seem like no longer show respect to me, or to them I don't deserve any respect? I can cheer people when my friends are down but I failed to cheer myself up. How I wish everything will just start over again. How I wish I can just lost my memory and just say 'Hi, my name is Aaron, nice to meet you!' Sigh! God please help me! I really miss two person, when I look around they are no longer here with me, I try not to remember but it has been years we be with one another, I really miss them! What's wrong with me? Time really flies. I still do not know and not sure BUT one think I'm sure is the purpose I live is God ! Yes, indeed I have to stand up and continue to move on, I believe my life will be lighten by Him, I can do what God says I can do, I can have what God says I can have! Never give up now and forever! I must show a good example to my juniors.