Sunday, August 23, 2009

after everything..i had learnt how to treat people well..
it is like last time how i treat people and now they return it me the same
way..i don't people show me their pride but yet i show others my pride..and i'm trying to change to be strong, gentle, polite, mature and so on..sigh..God i need you to strengthen me..

in my conclusion..i just wanna say i treat everyone equally, fair, and show them my least next time i think i can receive it from the people! Hallelujah..!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

This few days, I do not know why or what happen but a lot of things keep come into my like asking to do something and what is that thing? I, myself do not know either..and that is not the main point..

actually the main thing is I actually shared Christ to my friend after the Thursday night actually begin with many people know many students are busy preparing their exams or government exams either..
well, I asked my friend to help me in my additional mathematics and I offer him a help in his account and through I did not say that I'm good in account but at least I know how it works and so and so..and after we exchanged our knowledge then my friend said he do not want to go home so early..
and he started with a story about religion..and out of no where..I felt so hot and my spirit keep telling me to talk about Christ..immediately I asked him 'which God in this world can die for you because of your sins?' and suddenly I hear no sound then I asked again 'which God in this world promise to give you an eternal life?'..while now I'm posting this up..I feel so..

I shall continue when the time has come..Praise the Lord, God Almighty !