Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV

Released date : 29 April 2008
only for play station 3
well this game is a 3D game i think and it is nice to play
but don't be addicted and you should try this while you still can
market price RM 200 ( that's what my friend told me)

Any question please log on to

Monday, April 28, 2008

Crapping IV

Lol..I am goin to study sejarah d..
hope i can memorize all d important stuff!!

i want to study d!!!..
next 2 weeks exam d..!!


help me!!! help !!!!!


i think mid-term will be very easy??..
lol..all my friends told me..goverment won set all diffucult d exam dunno true or not..haha

anyway gtg study..^^


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Why, What, When, Where

why i need to jealous?
why i need to be angry?
why i need to do this kind of things?
why i need to think about?

what can i do?
what for i angry?

when can i have one?
when i can be more smart?
when i can be more mature?
when i can go back to heaven?
when can i have a wisdom like King Solomon had?
when can i have the answer

where am i going to start?
where is the answer?
where am i going?

i learn something from it
It's not belong to me, i shall never have it,
It's belong to me, no matter what happen it is still belong to me,
It's a joke to me, i shall take it as a joke,
It is hurt, i shall not be scare of it,
It's childish, i shall be more mature,
It's a trial and testing, i shall take it seriously.

With HIM all things are POSSIBLE,
Everything is possible to Christ who strengthen me,
He is the way, the truth and the light,
With HIM, i am somebody,
Without HIM,i am just a nobody.

Everything i leave it to HIM,
The most important things is,
If one things that i have waited for long time and hard to get it,
I shall appreciate it!!

I LOVE YOU, Guys..

just crapping..
a bit lame..^^..

Good Boy

today was my skol's parent's day, and every student need to go get their result
and at the beginning i feel don't want to go..because if i go i sure late for service..
but somehow my parents force me to go..
so i went without my school shoe..haha..i think it's after i went to the classroom where i get my result..
i saw some of my friends very scare..i think scare the teacher complain to their parents..
but for me i don't scare also..since i was standard 1 my parents know i like to talk..
so until my father and i sat down and start a conversation with my form teacher..
i was very surprise that teacher didn't complain me and yet said good things to me..
she told my father that Aaron is a good boy, always concentrate in class, and his homework always up to date and teacher always lend my books to others..wao..isn't it amazing?..haha..
crap when i heard all of this i feel funny and shameful about that..
i was totally not the same as what you all see..
and thank God that until now i still not yet open file discipline..Praise The Lord..

P.S : Aaron is a GOOD BOY..hahax..

Crapping III

hey, back again to this topic..
actually now i suppose to sleep d..
but somehow i don't feel like sleeping although i was damn tired
after hike with Melvin they all,
haiz..i don't know what am i wondering at..
and feel like start study tomorrow..
i hope it won't be too late for it..^^
and i viewed all my friend's blog ..wah
awesome..i saw some of them wrote to their princess, cut their hair but don't why, friends, promoting the album, and word to the youth and so-on so-on..ooya..i saw my face in some of their blog..
i feel very shy..haha..

tat's all..

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Isn't it Cool?

haha..wao~~..Praise The Lord!!!..

Monday, April 21, 2008

Crapping II

Lord, I thought everything will change by this year but somehow I just don't know why, all things become worst and without knowing, why? Why everything change suddenly? I wish I could cry and fall upon my knees, I just wanted to cry it out, yeah! Maybe I'm the one who change, maybe I am..maybe..maybe..

How many true friends to i have? How many friends do consider me as their true friend? I try to act innocence but somehow I just can't make it, everyday before I sleep I do think about what i have done for myself and everyone or I make anyone angry? Why? I just can't make everyone like me! What a foolish man am I? For the old people they thought I am a good boy but I am the one who wear a lot of mask when I go anywhere, even to the temple of God, I do so! I just feel shame for myself, to be honest, I do look down on people, everything I do so, no wonder my friends said I'm so how lian. Oh! My Father, please help me LORD, I really need a person like you, I just want you, yes..yes..yes..I admit, i did a lot of things to put you on shame but LORD teach me, give me more wisdom like King Solomon had, and make me like King David. Oh! LORD! I'm pleasing to you LORD, for everything..everything..everything..!
Every time, I leave I just can't do anything, I'm like drop something that very IMPORTANT to me, oh LORD! Use me..use me..use me..I had been worry about many things and learning to let go something at the same time, but I want to see anything that I let go can be BLESS by you. Oh Father I have a lot of prayer request to pray,
First, I pray that I can get closer to You and share You to the world, oh LORD please ..please..!Some times I just don't know why? You did a lot of miracle and yet your people still don't trust you?! Why?! I think you're very sad and hurt, LORD, I got a lot, a lot, a lot things to tell you but I just don't know where to start?
But now I suddenly feel that I need to pray for my BEST FRIENDS which is those I love to you LORD,
First I commit my god-sister into your hands I pray that You will bless her and guide her in every thing, LORD I just don't want anything to happen to her LORD, I pray that You'll send your angel to protect her, LORD I also commit my friends, Melvin, Abel, Chiaming, William, Jimmy, Kon Way, Matthew, Adrian, Anthony, Benjamin Tan, Benjamin Teoh, Edward, Wei Kwong, Vivien, Pastor and all I know one into Your hands, oh LORD, thanks for let me know all these wonderful people, LORD everything they do is to Glorify Your Name LORD, LORD use them..commit their needs into your hand LORD! IN THE NAME OF THE LORD, no one shall hurt them or do anything to harm them.
LORD I also commit Melissa into Your hands, bless her LORD, when i read her blog post, i feel the pain LORD, bless her LORD, commit her problems into your, IN THE NAME OF THE LORD break it and everything shall be solve.
Lastly, I pray my family LORD, bless them..bless them..!!

Every time, when I saw my grandfather, I feel sad and hurt, he was at the age of around 80 but he not yet accept you as his personal savior, every tears I dropped now, it makes me even hurt LORD,................

I do LOVE You, LORD, and my FRIENDS, HER, EVERYONE, THOSE WHO KNOW ME. But no matter how I love them, they will never replace you, oh father, you will always be the First one in MY HEART!!!..

LORD, i feel a bit cool down already, haiz..syok man^^..

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Advice for guys

-When she acts shy....
-Say I Love You
-When she or he runs away from you...
-Chase her
-When she puts her face near yours...
-Kiss her
-When she kicks and punches you...
- Hold her tight
-When she is silent...
-Shes thinking of how to say I Love You
-When she ignores you...
-She wants all your attention
-When she pulls away...
- grab her by the waist and never let go
-When you see her at her worst...
- tell her she's BEAUTIFUL
-When she screams at you...
- Tell her you love her, you have to mean it
-When you see her walking...
- Sneak up behind her and grab her by the waist and give her a kiss
-When she's scared...
- Hold her and tell her everything will be okay cause she's with you
-When she looks like somethings the matter...
-Kiss her and tell her not to worry
-While she holds your hand...
- Play with her fingers