Thursday, April 30, 2009

now my class got two news..
what are they?..Good news and bad news..
which one do you prefer?..
i think you guys would like to hear the good news first right?..

What is the Good news?..
4M1's economy teacher had leave our class and school..
and last thursday we were having a farewell with her...
here are some of the picture during the day..

What is the Bad news?..
Next Monday there is a super duper fierce i can say..
going to teach us economy..and i don't think there will be any entertainment or fun in class..sad..!!

Friday, April 24, 2009


This is a video about two japanese love story..
and I saw it in Astro..and I like to melody but too bad I do not know what does it mean
since there is no subtitles and translation..
well..hope you guys enjoy it ! =)
time flies..i think i should say it flies again..
e.x.a.m coming..
yeah baby..

such an interesting moment..
lots and lots of things need to practise, read, and memorise..
oh god..

no..i have to make a different !
even no tuition for add math, and so on..
i must do it myself..

exam prepare to lose !
cz you don't know who are you dealing with?
who am i?
i'm aaron !..

*just kidding*
need help !

which is me, myself don't even know i got a girlfriend..
for the past few weeks and yesterday..
my tuition teacher, and tuition classmate said they saw me and my girlfriend in
i was thinking this few months i didn't go to gurney with a girl..
and the most also boys..but still they say i'm telling lie..
oh my god..they keep saying that i am not single..
hey..I AM SINGLE !..duh..
what a complicated and super hard question to me..T.T..
they look like know more things in my life than me..whatever they say..