Friday, June 13, 2008


Praise to the Lord, our God!!
I'm so glad that God really answer my prayer!!
Still remember my testimony about the camp?

I said that my father don't allow me to bring all the secular and all other dics to the church and throw it away and guess what I got scolded by my father and had some quarrel with him.

And now God had shown me His miracle, God really is an awesome, a wonderful and a loving God!
He turn all impossible things to possible, as the scripture said "With God all things are Possible" ! Praise the Lord.

Just now suddenly my dad asked me to go inside the room to have a talk, I thought what was that, and suddenly he said he allow me to bring those stuff to church! That moment my tears started to dropped and I remember what I had pray to the Lord and the Lord had answer my prayer request! I was so touched, and I keep hurting Him. I was very sad and yet I feel so happy about that !

And my brain started to sing this a worship songs and really..

I think I would like to stop here.

Monday, June 9, 2008


After the family camp which is in Cameron Highland, everything changed, it really change! God really used Rev.Pam Seaward, actually what she had shared to us, I feel it's really amazing!

Let me explain everything in the camp, I know some of you guys feel so like what the hack is going on. Yeah, you guys have to know everything that had happened in the camp.

First day, I have to apologize to you all, I didn't pay much attention to the speaker and I really feel bored and of course I slept during the service but actually not really sleep is just that my brain cannot function well, and can say that brain cannot absorb.

Second day, I think God really want me to learn something and have something to share to you guys, isn't it awesome? I think this day was the speaker showed us a video about planet stuff, it was so touched and it's amazing! After that, Abel let me realize something more, something we have to really appreciate God, you see the planet is so big, I can tell you that you really cannot imagine, and we are just a little small tiny dot in it, but God care about us so much, and yet sent His only son to the earth and died for us! And you guys really have to appreciate Him more!

Third day, I think God know what am I going to do and somehow God really fanstatic and guess what? He sent Pastor. Wai Fong to sit beside me and really she sat beside me, I think you guess know what to do if pastor sit beside you right? So I really paid more than 100%'s attention to the speaker, at last I found that it's true about what the speaker shared, I'm not really remember what did she shared but somehow that's one topic that is in my mind right now! Its' about the music, it's really true, she said all the secular music that most of us listen to having some kind of spirits that make us lust or whatever and suddenly she said even some of the Christian songs, it really caught my attention and after the service, all of us gather together in my room, and we started to find the answer for this topic and it's really amazing and yet so hard for us to find out the answer and William told us that what the speaker shared it's true because last time William and some of the people which is our church member joined a dance session and the dance was teach by three of the Pastor which is from different country and three of this Pastor said they have to do devotion before they practice so William they all did this for don't know how many hours because dancing also have some kind of spirits so they have to prepare for the war and at last William saw one of them dance like God's angel, that's really amazing and performance that time William said the audience saw one of the Pastor like somehow got the light surrounded her and people don't know and not realize that she is black, they only saw the light on her and she was sixty plus, can you imagine that an old lazy dance? And she dance is to glorify God's name! Praise the Lord! And after that, Nicholas Tan started to shared his testimonial, guess what did he shared? He shared about the miracle that God had done in his life, he said he was a smart guy and every time when he was sitting for the examination, he can just close his eyes can get all flying colours and examination to him like nothing at all until one of the year he failed his test and he like scare already and the second year he failed again and he like blame himself thought that he was a useless man and one of the church camp which was in the same place as this year, God used a pastor to talk to him and pastor talked to him and asked him don't give up and to his very best and let God to the rest something like that, and Nicholas was so shamed because everyone know what he had done and at last the really pray to God and God didn't fail him and finally he pass his test and from that moment Nicholas really like wanted to serve God and give himself to the Lord and do some result, after his testimonial and he started to shared about the four men and I forgot what 'go-lo-mean' or whatever and he said Christ brought them to hell and they see a lot of things which is in the hell and they saw one people which is in the coffin and the demon walk around and keep poking the coffin and the blood splash over everywhere and they ask Christ why is he suffer like that and Christ answer this guy is a pastor and that pastor only shared and tell his member about His grace and didn't shared and tell them about Christ's law and ended up he is in hell and I think I'm not going to shared about hell stuff in my blog and it's scary if you want to know more come and ask me personally and you also can find it in the net and please don't read it because it's really scary and you would choose to read other stuff rather than this 'stuff', by the way Nicholas Tan also did asked us a question which is 'Think back how many times God had bless us and what we have done for Him' I think this question really make us pause awhile right? and this what I feel, oh yeah, before that the men's fellowship, it's about the tithing stuff, all different kind of professional fathers went and shared about their success and I realized that God bless them so much because of the tithing things, it's amazing, Praise onto the Lord! So I also started to give tithes and I want to see how God move mightly in my life and I'm going to tell the world about this!

Last day, finally the end had come and everything have to finish, the last Praise and Worship in the camp, God really touched me and I keep crying out to the Lord and keep stirring up and tears keep falling and suddenly aunt Molly stopped everything because she don't know how to sing the song, fine, and after that we had a taking photo section, I think I look a bit, you know my face so 'wet', well after that children performance, that's cool, I saw the way they dance, so funny and they did some break dance step, isn't it cool?! Back to the service the speaker began and showed us some video which is in Nepal and that's awesome and yet so boring, after all this video, she said nows days most of the youth watch porn, 80% plus of the youth, it sound more than that and I think I don't have to talk about this, after the service, we had an appointment with the speaker and she explained to us so clear and she said that every songs have different of spirits and if we musicians play our instrument wrongly with our strength and we'll for sure send wrong spirits to the others and song leader also and because Lucifer is the head of the music so we have to be careful with music, and she also explained to us why she don't allow us to listen to the secular songs because she scare we received the wrong spirits from that and cause us somethings and movie, online games, shirt and so on and so on, we have to be careful, especially Christian songs because when one of the Christian band while they're playing the music one of the pastor there saw the demons dance and laughing to the Christian this means that demons were using this Christian rock band. I hope that I had explain clearly to you guys and if got any problem with all this please kindly come and find me and I hope I can share more detail into it.

After the camp, I started to do my devotion and give tithes because I want to see God's blessing in my life and I had deleted all my secular songs but somehow the devil is doing something to stop me, I tell my father that I wanted to bring all my ultraman, so on secular stuff to the church and let them burn it all but somehow
devil is doing something and stop me, guess what? My father stop me and scolded me,
I'm like what the hack is this? Come on, I rather go back to heaven better than let this things stay in my house. Fine, I think you guys have to pray a lot for my father so that he may change his mind of this stuff and I hope I can settle all in this month, PRAISE THE LORD!

This camp really changed a lot of people and I believe that God still have His way to us and I hope all of His children can fulfill it!

Here is some advise that I can give it to you all and let's do this together! First find whether there is some secular stuff in your house or not? If got please bring it all to the church! Hallelujah! That's for now!

Love you guys so much!