Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I love you but I can’t have you ..

When u r smiling u r torturing me..
when i saw u i spilled my tea..
Thousands of ways and millions of resources..
Just onli 4 one purpose..
I don’t mind i empty my wallet..
Just to show u i never flirt...

Somehow i realize i fall on u..
But the way u act makes me lost my feel..
But sumtimes u waved at me and u give ur smile to me..
My hand was tremble and i spill my tea...

I can’t bear the suffering of missing u..
Finally i tell u that I love u..
I can tell u but I can’t hav u..
I promise I will love u but I won’t go after u...

O my Juliet, how charming u r but I can’t hav u..
Sorry my dearest, that i must follow rules...
O sadly, i couldn’t go after u..
But i’m glad that i meet u even though i acted like a fool...

I know it was useless..
But i hav to do..
Sorry if i gave you bitterness..
But still i hav to do...

Thank u for listening to me..
U’ve been a blessing for me...
There r words deep in my heart..
That’s i love u more than i love u..

2124 21/11/07

Monday, November 19, 2007


hmmm..haha..finally i found tis web..
it is veri lk err..syok..
cz wad u wanna noe u go there and search..
frm there i had learn manythings ..woww~~~..tat's awesome..

juz wish one day i can play lk them..
they too creative d la...

dunno wad to say..
veri hard lerr..
u search urself...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Riddles...PART D

1. How many animals did Moses take with him on the ark?

2. If it takes two men four hours to dig one hole, how long does it take them to dig half a hole?

3. If a plane crashes on the border of Malaysia and Thailand, where do you bury the survivors?

World of KUNG FU...

wao¬¬¬,,tat's cool..syok lo wei..
come join me..come lets play kung fu..

fast..come and play...
ur b veri suprise..bout it..!!!!

Riddles..PART C

1. Before Sir Richard Burton attempted to discover the surface of the Nile, which was the world's longest river?

2. A women has six daugthers and they each have a brother. How many children does she have?

3. If you were running a race, and you passed the person in second place, what place would you be in now?

4. I am a nut, but I have no shell. Too many of me will make you swell. Sweet on the outside, I don't always have a middle. Should be enough clues to solve this yummy ridle.

Part B..of riddles

1. There are 2 people standing in front of 2 people, 2 people standing between of 2 people, and 2 eople standing behind 2 people. So how many people are there in total?

2. I can be seen when it's cold, but not when hot. You need me to live-take your last and you're not.

3. If one = 3, two = 3, three = five and four = 4, what do five + six =?

4. Take me from there, and I end up here.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

hmmm...2007 and PLAN for my HOLIDAY!!!...

hmmm..2007 is going to end..
next year i'm going to sit for exam.. happy.. year older than one year..
haiz..too fast..everything changes too fast..
what to do..even thought my sifu(miau) going to work d..
i somemore have to wait for a few years..haiz..damn boring..
games nothing special to but just for a while only...
haiz...'world of kung fu' now also cannot play because of the word..haiz..
dota not nice to me..maple story damn boring..erm..nothing much for me ...


hmmm..i think that is going to be fun..if we go lepak..
hmm..let me think..go where ler??..
okay..first of all..erm..okay..just make it simple..
my plan..for my holiday..

what is holiday??
holiday is a day for us to we have to enjoy more about it..
hmmm..i'm planning to go for a hike if it is possible..
go where to hike ler??youth park ke??
haiz..i have no idea..sweat.. the way..every saturday i'm going to gym..wao!!..damn syok lo..
haha..go build my body..let the only one become SIX!!!...
hmmm..kong way is going to lose haha..i think until that day my ONE become SIX d..kong way's also haven't start yet..
haha...hey guys just think for a while..if our kong way suddenly become thin and fit..what are you going to do??..haiz..the first thing we're going to do is...SMILE at him la..

then december 7-9 or 10..i am going to attend my cousin's wedding..haha..
syok lo..i think that will be very cool..
but can't celebrate my sister's birthday..LOL
that mean can save money d la..LOL..nono just kiding..hehe..

suddenly feel very suddenly my brain can't function very well..
and i think if i still wanna tap sure out of the topic..
okay time then continue..

1640 14/11/07